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Rapid cycle recharging models for
reliable professional duty

   Fenix performance stands ready for frequent use applications, drawing    strength from stationary AC and on-board vehicle charging stations. Quick    to regain power, RC models are no-comprise flashlights for four-season    illumination. Now, the ability to go hard week after week means Fenix    stands tall in the line of duty.  As with other Fenix lights, these are covered    by a Limited Lifetime Guarantee.
RC15 Dealers in India
Like the thumb drive when they first came out, just plug this in, charge it, and go.  What could be more convenient?
RC15 Dealers in India
RC15 is a rechargeable duty light which delivers 860 Lumens output and features premium build quality, exceptional performance plus simple.
RC40 Dealers in India
Fenix RC40 is an ultra-high output 3500 lumen rechargeable flashlight designed for field/search applications. Featuring four Cree XM-L U2 LED.
RC10 Dealers in India
The RC10 is a high-intensity rechargeable flashlight.  With Cree XP-G (R5) LED, using the specific built-in lithium battery.
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