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Wide-ranging output and distance options
within this Fenix series

  The common thread in Fenix flashlight series is respect.  From police, military   and rescue personnel to deep-woods sportsmen, TK models are purchased as   serious tools around the world.  Shining examples of how Fenix has mastered   electronics and optics, this collection of powerful lights provides unmatched   options for uniformed users and civilians alike.
TK11 R5 Dealers in India
TK11 R5 Dealers in India
Fenix TK11 is Made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum
TK15 Dealers in India
TK15 Dealers in India
TK15 S2 features a powerful, tough, durable.
TK21 U2 Dealers in India
Fenix TK21 U2 is available in limited numbers .
TK22 U2 Dealers in India
TK22 U2 is the newest torch in the TK  (tactical) series.
TK35 U2 Dealers in India
The Fenix TK35 U2is the first light from Fenix to feature the latest Cree
TK41 T6 Dealers in India
The TK41 T6 also features four widely spaced constant
TK41 U2 Dealers in India
TK41 U2 put a new  spin on the popular TK40. 860 lumens
TK45 R5 Dealers in India
TK45 features three lighting heads, inspire by the appearance
TK50 R5 Dealers in India
The Fenix TK50 was the first light from Fenix to be powered
TK60 Dealers in India
TK60 is Uses four 1.5V D (Ni-MH, Alkaline) batteries
TK70 Dealers in India
TK70 has a range of up to 720 meters, making ideal as a search light
TK75 Dealers in India
The new TK75, four 18650 rechargeable cells are transformed
TK75 Tube Kit Dealers in India
Run time can be extend with the addition of a Extension Tube. 
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