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Lightweight, affordable models powered by
readily-available batteries

   Fenix technology transforms even the smallest lights into pure, practical    illumination. Now, modest budgets and tiny storage spaces like drawers,    glove compartments and purses can find room for powerful lights. Always    ready for action, these exclusive models combine simple operation with    durable aircraft-grade aluminum bodies.
E01 Dealers in India
Fenix E01 mini flash light is powered by a single AAA battery
E05 Dealers in India

Fenix E05 is a portable high-intensity flood beam flashlight.
E11 Dealers in India
Fenix E11 is an extremely compact torch, powered
E15 Dealers in India
Fenix E15 is an extremely compact mini torch with a high.
E21 Dealers in India
Fenix E21 has been designed as a high performance
E25 Dealers in India
Fenix E25 is a compact, versatile flashlight powered by two AA
E35 Dealers in India
The E35 is a compact variable-output flashlight.
E40 Dealers in India
The E40 is a practice multifunctional outdoor flashlight
E50 Dealers in India
E50 LED flashlight with a whopping 780 Lumens.
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