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Designed to be Powerful yet Flexible

  • Make months of outdoor auto videoing possible
  • Shield from adverse weather condition
  • Adjust to work with any TLC cam
  • Change lens covers for long & closeup shots
  • Connect easily to devices outside the case

Work with ANY TLC Cam

ATH2000 houses any TLC cam using adjustable mounting adapter.
It supports a wide range of Brinno cameras and provides great flexibility.


Extra Long Lasting Battery Life

Add up to 4X more battery power to give you months of carefree & worry-free video recording ever. Set it up and forget about it until the project is done.

Support Brinno’s BCS Lens

Extended lens cover fits to Brinno's BCS Lens for closeup shots. It allows you the choice of ideal angles you document the project.




Product Specifications
Model No ATH2000
IP-Rating IPX5 (weather resistant)
Compatible Cameras TLC200, TLC200Pro, TLC120, TLC130, TLC2000
Battery Slot Room for up to 16 add'l AA batteries
Micro USB connecter (output 5V 2A)
Exchangeable Lens Covers Kit lens cover
Extension lens cover (for Brinno BCS lens)
Size 6.6 x 6.1 x 4.5 inch (167x156x115.5 mm)
Weight 14 oz (393 g)
In the Box Construction power housing; Camera mounting adapter; Battery slot; Extension lens cover; Desiccant; Screwdriver; USB-C Adapter; Strap*2

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