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BFC 100 Self Portrait Camera

Brinno Time Lapse Self-Portrait Camera, it's a whole new concept for daily photo record! In the past, you could choose a digital camera or a smart phone for self-portraits, but the result was lots of still photos which are never printed or hidden in a photo album! Wouldn’t it be more fun to see your progress within seconds? The Brinno Self-Portrait Camera includes a Self-Portrait Mirror and Shutter Line with the Time Lapse Camera, allowing you to easily take your self-portraits at the click of a shutter, and then auto converts those photos into a Time Lapse Self-Portrait video, where you're the leading character!

See, the fun with a Time Lapse Self-Portrait video!
Attach the Self-Portrait Mirror, align your face at the center of mirror! Grab the Shutter Line like a professional photographer, Smile & Click to take photos!
Brinno likes to change! While you are taking self-portrait photos, the Brinno Time Lapse Camera also works hard to convert those photos into a time lapse video. When you finish the shooting, your Time Lapse Self-Portrait Video is ready to playback your images in a progression.
Don't like be alone, or do you want to have fun with your family or friends? Why not? Brinno provides four specific files so you & your friends can have your own videos! But, no one can stop you if you want to use all four files for yourself! One for traveling, one for daily record, one for face time lapse, one for...
Whether traveling or using at home for daily recording, the compact design always fits your needs – anywhere, anytime!
A photo a day, makes a time lapse visual pregnancy diary!
Long term image recording, short term time lapse video playback
9 Months of Pregnancy in Under 2 Minutes
A photo a day, makes a time lapse visual weight loss diary!
Long term image recording, short term time lapse video playback
A photo a day, a makes time lapse visual growth diary!
Long term image recording, short term time lapse video playback
Brinno Self-Portrait Camera for traveling!

Instant video
TLC200 f1.2 captures and converts thousands of photos into a Time Lapse video as you take the photos. So easy to use.
Four specific video files, everyone can find their own self-portrait video.
Face Time Lapse
Use the self-portrait mirror and
remote shutter to create your
personal visual face diary.
Record Weight Loss
Keep a visual record of your diet  results or work out results.
See your body change.
Visual Pregnancy Diary
You can track the changes to
your body daily. This is the proper
start to a baby album.
Track your Child's Groeth
Children grow up fast, so keep a visual record. It's fast and easy. One day they will thank you.

Model BFC100
LCD Screen 1.44" TFT LCD
Rotate Lens 120°
Waterproof IP X4 (In use with Weather Resistant Housing (ATH110))

Capture Mode
Time Lapse Various time interval
Stop Motion Optional, (In use with Shutter Line (ATS110))

Optics Lens
Aperture F1.2
Lens type Aspherical Lens (glass lens)
Field of View 140°
Focal Length 18 mm (35mm equivalent)
Focus Distance 30 cm (Minimum)

Time Lapse Video Format: AVI

Resolution: 1280x 720, 640x 480
Still Image Format: JPEG (only for using Shutter Line)

Resolution: 1280x 720, 640x 480
Memory Storage SD Card (Supported up to 32 GB)

Time Interval
ASAP Captures 1~ 4 photos per second
Custom From 1 second to 24 hours

Power source Battery: 4 AA Batteries

DC IN: 5V (Micro USB connector)
Battery Life Captures 270,000 photos at ASAP time interval,

Size (DxWxH) 64x 46x 106 mm
Weight 120 g (without batteries)

Length of battery usage
Time Interval Frames Captured Est. Battery Life
ASAP 270000 2.2 days
1 seconds 245,000 2.8 days
5 seconds 228000 13 hours
1 minute 61,800 43 days
5 minutes 14,300 50 days
30 minutes 3700 52 days
1 hour 1,800 78 days
4 hours 460 78 days
24 hours 78 78 days

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