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The industrial-grade aeronautical aluminum alloy clamp

Brinno BCC200, the higher-end construction camera bundle with 80-day battery life, is powered by a HDR-sensor and special night-modes perfect use for documenting construction projects, analyzing environmental changes, and an amazing variety of other long-term outdoor photographic tasks. BCC200 delivers the exceptional time-lapse videos even under the most challenging backlights and/or dark conditions. The new industrial-grade aeronautical aluminum alloy clampod’s great load capacity increases its convenience for operation.

High performane HDR video sensor, capture Time Lapse video in any light!

High Dynamic Range (HDR) image sensor produces stunning time lapse video under virtually any lighting conditions, from low light to intense backlighting.


Industrial-grade aeronautical aluminum alloy clamp

The industrial-grade aeronautical aluminum alloy clamp of BCC200 is immensely strong and modified into the best support loadings of up to 40 kgs., which can be fixed onto a wide variety of surfaces, from pipes, cylindrical objects to tree branches…etc. It is easy to use and very stable – no longer have the problem of achieving the desired shooting angle at the construction and/or job sites.

Amazing 80 days battery life, 4 AA batteries

World record long term battery operated construction camera with outstanding 2.5 months (80 days) of battery life (using a time interval of 30 minutes, 4 AA batteries). Easy and rapid deployment of BCC200 professional construction camera at any site, without the need for wiring or power.

Professional grade with Low-Light Sensitivity time lapse video mode

Brinno BCC200 construction camera pro has ultra-big pixel size 4.2µm, even in low light situations where other cameras miss details.

Night:Special setting for Nighttime photography shooting. Low ISO setting, long exposure time.

112°Angle view

Brinno BCC200 allows you to capture more of the panoramic construction site equally and simply.120° field of view. A wider area is captured creating panoramic images of your project.

Brinno BCC200 function effectively outdoors in almost any weather conditions

IPX4 dustproof weather resistant housing, let you records any project, indoors or outdoors.

Construction Time Lapse Video 1,2,3!
Easy solution!

Simple to install and operate on any site. No wires or cabling required. Produces ready-to-view video at the push of a button with no need to spend hours on post-processing. Brinno BCC200 makes time-lapse videos incredibly simple, no technical skill is required.






Why using Brinno BCC200 construction camera for jobsite project?

Brinno has been a recognized leader in Time-Lapse Cameras. With the industrial-Grade professional construction camera, BCC200, a wire-free, weatherproof camera bundle, offers quick and easy installation, without cumbersome wiring or power requirements. It illustrates the entire project, no matter how many days, months, or years taken, in few minutes instant HDR time-lapse video which presents the project with a high publicity factor on project and marketing management.


HDR Video Sensor

High performance HDR video sensor, which helps produce great shot with high contrast, even in challeng lighting conditions like those encountered at night.

Instant Video

Brinno BCC200 gives you a real Time-Lapse Video, not thousands separate photos, no complicated post processing!


The industrial-grade aeronautical aluminum alloy clamp is small and portable while still maintains a great clamping power with great load capacity increases its conven for operation.

Superior Power Saving

World record long term battery operated technique with outstanding 2.5 months of battery life (using a time interval of 30 minutes, 4 AA batteries)

Long term project

Setting up and operating Brinno BCC200 Construction Camera Pro takes no effort at all. No editing is required when shooting the long term construction project with BCC200. View months of construction in minutes.

Produces instant

Produces ready-to-view video at the push of a button with no need to spend hours on post-processing

f2.0 Aspherical lens

Sharper, brighter images with this aspherical glass lens.

Wide Angle View

112˚Field of View. A wider area can be recorded creating panoramic images!

Weather resistant

IPX4 dustproof weather resistant design housing is clear to allow for monitoring of the watertight seal and the camera.
BCC200 package contents
HDR TimeLapse
Dustproof weather
Bungee cords

Brinno ships the exact product shown in the picture, however, colors and photos shown may vary from actual product colors due to computer monitor display settings. Therefore you see here may be different then the actual product shipped.

Model BCC200
LCD Screen 1.44" TFT LCD
Waterproof IPX4 (with the Weather Resistant Housing (ATH120))
Capture Mode
Time Lapse Auto generation of Time Lapse video
Image Sensor
Type 1/3" HDR sensor
Dynamic Range 115db
Resolution 1.3 Mega pixel
Pixel size 4.2um
Sensitivity 3650mV/lux-sec (Ultra good low light quality)
Optics Lens (BCS 019)
Type CS Mount (Aspherical Glass Lens)
Aperture F 2.0
Field of View 112°
Focal Length 19 mm (35mm equivalent)
Focus Distance Manual focus from 1 cm to ∞ (factory setting: 40 cm )
Shooting Setting
Scene Daylight, Twilight, Night, Moon, Star
White Balance Auto, Day, Shade, Cloudy, Fluorescent Light (Cool), Fluorescent Light (Warm), Tungsten Light
Custom Image Exposure, Saturation, Contrast, Sharpness
Time Lapse Video Format: AVI
Resolution: 1280x 720
Memory Storage SD/ SDHC Card (Supported up to 32 GB)
Time Interval
ASAP Captures 3~ 5 photos in 1 second
Custom From 1 second to 24 hours
Power source Battery: 4 AA Batteries
DC IN: 5V (Micro USB connector)
Battery Life 80 days(5 minutes time interval)
Camera Body Dimension
Size (DxWxH) 64x 52x 107 mm
Weight 140 g (without batteries)
Color Black
Clamp spec
Size (DxWxH) Extended:12.5(L)x9(W)x16.4(H) cm, Folded:17.3(L)x 3.1(W)x15(H) cm
Weight 207g (including ballhead)
Materials Aerospace-grade aluminium alloy,nylon.
Screw of the quick release plate 1/4”
Clamping range Ø4 ~ Ø50 mm, flat surface 1-50mm
Ballhead load capacity 3 KG
Clamp load capacity 40 KG
  HDR TimeLapse Camera (TLC200Pro)
  Dustproof weather resistant housing (ATH120)
  industrial-grade aeronautical aluminum alloy clamp
  Bungee cords
  8GB SD Card (32GB maximum)*
  4 AA batteries*
  19mm Lens (35mm Equivalent) wide-angle lens on TLC200Pro
  Lens cover for TLC200Pro
  Screw driver for TLC200Pro
  fasten screws
  Instruction manual


The battery life depends on different scene setting:

Scene - Daylight
Time interval Frames captured Days
ASAP 168000 1
1 sec 200000 2.3
2 sec 244000 5.6
5 sec 204000 11.5
10 sec 145000 17.0
20 sec 108000 25.0
30 sec 84500 29.0
1 min 51000 35.0
5 min 12300 42.0
10 min 6300 43.0
1 Hr 1070 44.0
4 Hr 269 44.0
24 Hr 45 45.0

Scene - Twilight
Time interval Frames captured Days
2 sec 67400 1.6
5 sec 55500 3.2
10 sec 51300 5.9
20 sec 51000 11.5
30 sec 45000 15.0
1 min 33700 23.0
5 min 10900 38.0
10 min 5900 41.0
1 Hr 1060 44.0
4 Hr 269 44.0
24 Hr 45 45.0

Scene - Night
Time interval Frames captured Days
5 sec 39000 2.3
10 sec 30000 3.5
20 sec 28100 6.5
30 sec 26200 9.0
1 min 21800 15.0
5 min 9300 32.0
10 min 5400 37.0
1 Hr 1040 43.0
4 Hr 268 44.0
24 Hr 44 44.0

Scene - Moon
Time interval Frames captured Days
7 sec 18300 1.5
10 sec 18800 2.2
20 sec 16000 3.5
30 sec 15500 5.0
1 min 13800 9.0
5 min 7400 25.0
10 min 4700 32.0
1 Hr 1000 42.0
4 Hr 266 44.0
24 Hr 44 44.0

BCC100 BCC200
Model BCC100 BCC200
Viewfinder 1.44" LCD 1.44" LCD
Image sensor 1.3 MP 1.3 MP HDR
Resolution 1280 x 720 (16:9) 1280 x 720 (16:9)
Aperture f/1.2 f/2.0
Focal length (mm) 18 (35mm equivalent) 19 (35mm equivalent)
Field of view 140° (480P) 112° (720P)
112° (720P)
Aspherical lens -
Interchangeable CS mount lens -
HDR video -
Scene setting -
White balance setting -
Micro USB output -
Webcam function -
Extension port
Time interval 0.5 sec, 1 sec-24 hrs 0.3 sec, 1 sec-24 hrs
Battery life 270,000 photos 240,000 photos
Storage media SD/SDHC card SD/SDHC card
Media included 4GB 4GB
Maximum storage capacity 32GB 32GB
Video format AVI AVI
Weather resistant IPX4 (With housing ATH110) IPX4 (With housing ATH120)
Stop Motion video
Still images (JPEG, 1280 x 720)
Batteries required
External power
Holder Camera Wall Mount (AWM100) Industrial-grade aeronautical aluminum alloy clamp

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