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Hidden Front Door Camera

Detect and capture, one button fast playback!

Motion is detected through the peephole and the image is captured and stored automatically whether you’re home or away. Battery saving technology allows the PHVMAC’s batteries to last for approximately 9000 triggers.
Easy to install

Set up your front door security camera in 3 steps!

How it Works?

Built-in Sensor

Motion is detected through the peephole, which tiggers the camera


Auto Capture

Images or Video are captured automatically through the peephole


Fast Playback

Instantly review all your visitors on the display, with the push of a button

Motion Detection through Built-in Sensor

All-in-One,No-Extra Sensor.

Motion is detected through the peephole with the ambient light sensor
Review All Photos / Videos Easily

Just One Button To See All Visitors

Review your visitors with the push of a button.
Long Lasting Battery Life

Up to 6 months!

PHVMAC has up to 9,000 triggers (>6 Months) which is truly amazing battery life, and makes your front door security truly wire free! (>6 Months battery life is calculated at 10 auto triggers per day)


Easy to install

Simple DIY three step install.

Built-in Sensor

Motion is detected through the peephole with the ambient light sensor.

Video Visitor Log

Images or video are captured through the peephole and stored.


Longest Lasting

Stunning battery life, 4 AA batteries will last up to 6 months

One Button Playback

Review all your visitors with the push of a button.

Capture images / videos

Automatically captures and store images / videos on a Micro SD card.

PeepHole Barrel 12mm 14mm
Doors Thick fits any doors 35~57mm (1.38”~2.24”) thick fits any door 40~69 mm( 1.57”~2.72”) thick
View angle View angle: Regular Mode:92°,Zoom Mode:40° View angle: Regular Mode : 92°,Zoom Mode:40°
Sensor 0.3 Mega pixel CMOS sensor
LCD Screen 3.0” TFT
Storage Micro SD card (Supports up to 32 GB, 8 GB recommended)
File Format JPEG, AVI
Power Source 4 AA batteries ( approx. 9,000 triggers)
Size (WxHxD) 87 x 158 x 34 mm (3.39”x6.16”x1.32”)
Weight 170g (0.36lb) (without batteries)
Package Contents
1. PeepHole Viewer (PHVMAC)
2. PeepHole
3. Base Flange
4. Washer (for 12mm peephole)
5.Tightening Tool
6. 4 AA Batteries
7. Micro SD card*
8. User Manual
Internal Structure
Model PHV1325 PHV1330 PHVMAC
Level Entry Advanced Expert
LCD Panel 2.7" 3.0" 3.0"
Brightness Enhancement
Image Recording - Photo Photo / Video⋆
Fast Playback - -
Motion Detection - (option accessory)⋆ (Built-in function)⋆
External Power - - (DC 5V, Micro USB)⋆
Storage - Micro SD Card
(upto 32 GB)
Micro SD Card
(upto 32 GB)
Optional Accessory Motion LED Motion Sensor
Knocking Sensor
Motion LED Light Bar
Motion LED Light Bar
Size (Wx Hx D) 146 x 90 x 30 mm 87x 158x 33 mm 87x 158x 34 mm
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